LIQR Token

LIQR token is the of, providing key access and allowing active participation in the movement towards decentralized liquidity ownership.

Token : Liquidity Rush

Ticker : LIQR

Decimals : 18

Contract : 0x27c57f84236780881be694a18e149bb5bb78c21f

Total Supply : 100,000,000 $LIQR

Buy Tax : 6% (3% Auto-LP Reflections, 3% Operational Costs)

Sell Tax : 6% (3% Auto-LP Reflections, 2% Operational Costs, 1% Burn) 15% of total supply has been reserved for LP Staking rewards. AUDIT:

$LIQR token is available for purchase on ETH. Join our Telegram Community and follow our Twitter("X") for future updates. You can purchase LIQR on Uniswap.

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