LP Reflections

Rewarding Your Commitment to Liquidity Rush

When you stake your LIQR you will still receive LP reflections

Earn as You Hold

At Liquidity Rush, holding $LIQR is not just an investment, it's a rewarding experience. Our LP reflections are intricately tied to trading volume, creating an ecosystem where your rewards grow with the platform's activity. The more trading volume Liquidity Rush experiences, the more taxes are collected for LP reflections, directly benefiting you as a holder.

Real-Time Rewards, Real-Time Growth

Our system is designed to award LP reflections to holders in real-time. You have the flexibility to claim these rewards manually, or they will automatically be distributed during a token transfer event or when you sell. This means your rewards are always up-to-date, reflecting the current trading activity and your stake in the platform.

Seamless Distribution Management

Behind the scenes, a sophisticated distribution tracker contract diligently manages each holder’s eligibility and rewards. This contract ensures fairness and accuracy in the distribution process, giving you peace of mind that your LP reflections are always precisely calculated.

Track Your Rewards Easily

Stay informed and engaged with your investments through our user-friendly dashboard. Here, you can effortlessly track your unclaimed and current LP holdings, providing you with a transparent and comprehensive view of your rewards and their growth over time.

Stake and Amplify Your Rewards

With Liquidity Rush, the opportunity to grow your holdings doesn’t stop at just holding $LIQR. Staking your $LIQR tokens comes with no lockup period, and the rewards are dynamically adjusted based on various factors. This flexibility allows you to enhance your investment strategy, adapting to market conditions and maximizing your returns.

Inclusive Rewards System

Our LP reflections are designed to be inclusive and beneficial for all holders, regardless of the size of their holdings. The more $LIQR tokens you hold, the more you'll be rewarded. This system not only incentivizes holding but also ensures that every investor, big or small, gets their fair share of the rewards.

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