The information set out in this whitepaper is for community use only and is not legally binding. This paper should not be construed as advice and does not constitute a prospectus or offer of any product or asset, digital or otherwise. LiquidityRush and team including and not limited to the Board of Executives, Developers, and/or moderators cannot be held legally accountable on any decisions taken personally on your investment and purchase in LiquidityRush.

$LIQR, the official project token, any decision in buying $LIQR Token should not be based on statements set out in this paper. Investment involves risk and may lead to a loss of a substantial or entire amount of investment, we actively encourage due diligence prior to investing. Furthermore, please consult with your personal financial, tax, and/or legal advisor(s) should you feel any doubts about any actions you may take.

LiquidityRush a community-driven project sustained by the $LIQR Token. While $LIQR can be used to transfer value, it is not a fiat currency and does not stand for any kind of financial instrument. Notwithstanding its distribution, $LIQR does not provide holders with an interest in or legal right to LiquidityRush as an entity.

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